Monday, August 25, 2008

Welcome to my CRAZY LIFE!!

I had to go buy a small day planner cuz' I seriuosly have so much goin on that I'm afraid of missing or forgetting something. So now all I have to do is remember to right everything down! LOL Here is a sample of my week:
4:20 AM Wake up get ready for work
5:00 AM be at work with a smile on my face
7:15 AM Leave work to get my girls ready for school
7:50 AM Send the girls off to school
8:00 AM go back to work until 1 or 2 PM
1:00 PM I just head home to be with Quinlan and Mike heads off to work,
2:00 PM If I got off at 2 this meant that Mike took Quinlan to a sitter and I have to pick him up
2ish Lay Quinlan down for a nap
3:15 the girls get home from school
3:30 Time to be the mean mom and get the girls goin on chores and homework
5:00 PM eat dinner
repeat of Monday until after dinner then.....
5:45 PM drop Jordyn off to dance practice
6:00 Maycen's softball practice
7:30 pick Jordyn up
8:00 pick up Maycen
8:15 Rush home for showers
8:30 reading time for at least 30 Min.
repeat Monday until
5:00 a much needed hair appt for ME YEAH
6:30 weigh in for WW
7:00 meet Grandma and Grandpa at my house so they will watch the kiddos
7:30 Meet up with Lori Jo to head to clearfield for MY softball game
9:00 play softball with lots of old friends
10:15 Head home trying to keep my eyes open
6:00 get up and go walking
7:15 get girls ready for school
7:50 AM send girls off
8:00 AM go to work
11:30 AM get home from work and spend some quality time with Mike!!
1:00 PM Mike heads off to work
3:15 PM the girls get home from school
then a repeat of TUESDAY!!
repeat Mondays LIFE until
5:00 PM I have a softball tourney here in Brigham that lasts Fri and all day SAT.
7:00 PM Go watch Jordyn's dance performance for FUTURE ROCKETTES!
8:00 PM Go back to playin ball
Take in mind that this is Mikes week that he is working swings which means he is home in the morning to be with Quinlan otherwise when he is on days my sister watches my son for half a day! :(
Don't worry I'll somehow fit shower time in there somewhere(wake up earlier or go to bed with wet hair and wake up with pure crazi-ness)!! HHHMMM???? HA HA

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

OH yeah and school starts next Monday and we haven't even started to school shop! CRAP I am kind of a procrastinator! OOPS

Softball, Camping, Dancing, School, Work and now.....Soccer??

Holy cow I can honestly say this is the busiest summer yet and I know it is only going to get crazier when the kids get older! GEEESH Maycen recently tried out for a 10 and under softball team (she just turned 8) and made it!! We are so excited to get that ball rolling.
Well Jordyn couldn't be left behind so she has wanted to take singing and dancing lessons for quite some time now that I figured this would be a good time to start so she wasn't feeling left out with May playing ball and the whole bit. So we signed her up for future Rockettes and a new dance studio that happens to be just down the street.
And between all the sign ups we went camping up to Bear Lake for 3 nights, the first night we stayed on the south end with my Brother and his fam. The next two nights we stayed on the north end with some friends of mine (poor Mike he was a trooper cuz' he was the only guy, besides Quinlan) who had wave runners. We had such a good time even though it was a bit cold.
Well I had asked for 2 weekends off in a row from work and I got scheduled both of them from one of my managers who apparently dislikes me cuz' I didn't work one Sat. (that I WASN'T even scheduled) CALL ME CRAZY!! But she is still a bit bitter about that so she is denying me my requested days off! CRAP So Friday the 22nd is Jordyn's bday and we are doing lunch then some girl shopping then when Daddy gets off work he is going to pick up May and Q and meet us in Ogden to do her Birthday fun at Toads.
Well we just got a thing in the mail saying that indoor soccer sign-ups are on Sat. So why not add another thing to our already crazy life! So all I can think of is ENJOY the ride!! Right??? (:

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Congrats to ME

I have succesfully thrown away 20 pounds. Don't worry they're not lost....(cuz I don't wanna find them again EVER!) It has been a very challenging experience but very well worth every BiTe (or non-bite) for that matter! So not to sound concieted (sp?) but ConGrAtS!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Do you like my new background and picture arrangements?? Thanks to blog gets updated! And I must say I LOVE IT!! Thanks for taking the time outta your busy life to make my day!! I love polka dots! :) THANK YOU SO MUCH

Friday, August 1, 2008

First time for.....

POP ROCKS!! So Quinlan had his first taste of the pop in your mouth candies and the verdict is....NOT A BIG FAN! I wish I had taken video cuz as soon as they were in..he wanted them out! He was trying to scrape his tongue with his fingers to get them out of his mouth. It was kinda mean of me but I was laughing so hard that I wasn't much help getting them out. I actually wanted to put more in (I didn't) but I had a mean moment and wanted to! He thought it was funny when Mom and Dad had them in our mouth but not so much in his!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Family pics....were so much fun!! Thanks Malinda :) Here is a preview